Wedge Flow Meter

The wedge flow meter is a proven technology with rugged design that is low- maintenance. The inside can be lined for abrasive or corrosive applications. It is especially designed for slurries and liquids with suspended solids. In addition, it is also particularly effective on highly viscous fluids and gas services.


  • • Proven flow metering technology
  • • Rugged design which can withstand slurries and suspended solids
  • • Flow measurement with NO moving parts
  • • Low maintenance due to anti-wear and erosion preventive design
  • • Energy savings due to permanent low pressure drops

Technical Features

  • • Standard built accurate: ± 2%
  • • Flow Calibration Accurate: ± 0.5% or better
  • • Repeatability: ±0.2%
  • • Short straight pipe run:

    • o Up-stream: 5 Dia – 10 Dia,
    • o Downstream: 3 Dia – 5 Dia,
  • • Pipe Size: 1.5 in – 24 in (40mm to 600mm)
  • • Pressure Rating: CL150#-2500#

Please refer to SFC Wedge Flow Meter Specification for details.

Beyond the standard model, different liners are available for various applications; please contact our technical representatives.

Technical Specifications Download