Rectangular Flow Meter

SFC has aquired the patent for the rectangular flow meter, aptly named the Skydamn meter. The rectangular flow meter is applicable for liquids with entrained air, liquids with entrained particulates, and liquids with high viscosity. The SFC rectangular meter is highly suitable for abrasive or fibrous slurry. Rectangular meter combines the advantages of venturi and wedge meter with higher accuracy and reliability. The pressure head loss is 30% to 50% of that typically associated with wedge meters.


  • • Proven flow metering technology
  • • High accuracy and good repeatability
  • • Negligible wear and erosion therefore requires less maintenance and inspection
  • • Rugged design with no moving parts ensure long term accurate measurement
  • • Low permanent pressure drop resulting in energy savings

Technical Features

  • • Low permanent pressure loss: 15%DP -30%DP
  • • Accuracy: ±0.5% to ±0.25%
  • • Wide turn-down ratio: >30:1
  • • Short straight pipe run:

    • o Up-stream: 1.5Dia – 4Dia
    • o Downstream: not required
  • • Pipe Size: 1.5 in – 24 in (40mm to 600mm)
  • • Pressure Rating: CL150#-2500#

Both rectangular pipe and circular pipe type meters are available; this allows a wider range of flexibility. There are 3 models available: SFC-RRF, SFC-RCF, and SFC-RVF, please refer to SFC Rectangular Flow Meter Specification for details.

Technical Specifications Download