Globe Valve

Body and Bonnet

The body is cast construction with uniform sections and generous radius fillets to prevent stress on all sides, The body is spherical in shape to prevent minimum turbulence, erosion and resistance to flow, Bonnet flange and yoke are designed to have sufficient strength against stem thrust force, The bolted bonnet is fitted with a back seat ring, The body-bonnet joint is male-female type and circular in shape, Gasket materials can be supplied according to customer's requirement.



The plug type disc is normally provided. This disc rotates freely on the stem and incorporates a differential angle from that on the seat ring. This design provides the maximum assurance of shut off and is less likely to stick in the body seat, The disc is retained to the stem by a disc lock nut. The guide bar on the upper side of the disc is guided through a bridge cast integral with the seat ring, assuring better arrangement and uniform seating at all times. Long guide hole in seat ring can always make centering of disc.

Seat Ring

The seat ring with a wide taper area provides ample seating. The slot on the seat ring allow easy removal for servicing at site. Three type designs are supplied: integral with body, threaded in body and seal welded on body. They are designed to eliminate resistance to flow. Seating area has proper structure to seal with disc.


The fine machined and ground finished stem is fitted to the disc by a disc lock nut, Rotating and rising designed stems are normally supplied but a non-rotating type is available as requested by the customer. The accuracy in the dimensions and finishes assure along while with a perfect tightness in the packing area. All stems have the turning and rising cut ACME threads.


The packing is designed and arranged to ensure a maximum seal along the stem during operation or while at position, thus allowing for a greater reduction in fugitive emissions.


The packing gland design is a two-piece self-aligning type. The gland is in contact with the packing which is connected to gland flange through a spherical joint, The gland has a shoulder to restrict the complete entry into the stuffing box. This particular design permits a correct pressure on the packing without any damage to stem due to friction or corrosion.

Stuffing Box

The stuffing box is designed to extend the life of packing rings, Class 300 and above valves are equipped with a lantern ring between the packing rings.

End Connections

The standard flange ends have a raised face serrated finish type which conforms to ASME B16.5RF.ASME class 600 valves are supplied with RTJ end flanges on request.


All waives are offered with hand wheel, gear operator, or actuators(electric, Hydraulic, or pneumatic) according to customer' s requirements.

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