Ball Valves - Floating Ball Valves

Stem Sealing Design

SFC floating ball valves are designed to prevent leakage from the stem area due to a double sealing stem system with two gland packing and graphite. SFC Class 600floating ball valves have 0-rings with the double sealing stem design of graphite and carbon fiber seals to provide tight sealing in high pressure and temperature, The packing is external adjustable so that even with an actuator attached it can be easily tightened. Machined top mounting pad provides precise mounting of actuator or gear box, Exact alignment allows reducing torque requirements and prevents out-of-line wear


Blowout-Proof stem and Metal-To-Metal seal

A stem has a shoulder as an integral part of stem, Due to such a specific structure the stem is not forced out even when abnormal pressure is generated or the bolts become loose. When the stem packing burns out due to a fire, the stem is pressed against the body and prevent leakage to atmosphere.

Double sealing Design and Metal-To-Metal seal

SFC Floating ball valves are constructed to have a metal contact and double sealing design with PTFE and graphite gasket, The sealing effect can be maintained even when the graphite burns out. The seats have a groove at the profile back for superior sealing, which can provide excellent sealing.

Secondary Metal Seat

In the event the primary soft seal is destroyed in a fire, SFC Floating ball valves effectively form the secondary metal seat, which prevents leakage and the fire spreading.

Metal-To-Metal Seal

SFC floating ball valves are designed to have the dual sealing design with gasket and metal-to-metal contact at the connection of body and body cap, which prevent possible leakage from temperature changes or line stress. The sealing is maintained even when the gasket is destroyed in a fire. SFC Floating ball valves comply and are certified to API 607/6FA.

Valve close tightness

Metal seat: Hard-faced metal seat combines bevel spring to assure the valve close tightness. Valve close tightness: Resilient Seat ANSI B16.104 VI, Metal Seat ANSI B16.104 V, VI optional.

Anti-Static Design

Ball-spring devices are retained to allow the static charges to be led to the piping, which prevents static spark.

Metal Seated Floating Ball Valves


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