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Skyline Flow Controls Inc., with its experienced instrumentation application and manufacturing engineers, is the leader on accurate flow measurement. We specialize in flow measurement device and valves, especially on severe service with high repeatability and reliability.

Since 2008, the main founder of SFC has begun developing and manufacturing its own flow measurement devices, which include ASME Venturi meters, Orifice meters, and wedge meters. And since 2011, we have developed rectangular meter, as our solution to severe service flow measurement.

Now SFC product line include flow meters, control valves, Ball valves, Gate valves, which have been used widely in utilities, gas and oil industries, refineries, chemical factories, mining, power plants, and mills in the world.

SFC is proud to report that our Skydam flow meter has been aproved for American, Canadian and chinese patents. All of our products conform to ISO9001 certification.

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