1. SFC-COOPER® valves brief

COOPER® Valves was founded in 1930 and in 1934 COOPER’s foundry developed the first successful technique to pour 304 stainless steel. Since then COOPER has become a well-respected and approved valve manufacturer that specializes in exotic alloys valves, serving the downstream and mid-stream chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, water, power, mining and refining industries for over 80 years.

COOPER’s success is derived from its dedication to building dependable valves through advanced engineering, experienced personnel, controlled manufacturing processes, and a wide level of end-users approvals.

In 2013 COOPER Valves expanded its product offering and acquired industry leading metal-seated ball valve manufacturer ACCUSEALTM.


In 2015 COOPER jointed SFC product line, become SFC products branding SFC-COOPER®, the SFC-COOPER® metal seat ball valves ACCUREALTM include CSV series Critical Service (Slurry Transport) valve, and SPV series typical valves for Steam Power Station.


2. CSV Severe Service Ball Valve

CSV valves is design for severe service applications as:

  • •Critical isolation of slurry, liquids, solids and gases
  • •Custom designs to solve problematic applications
  • •Service with conditions too hot and / or abrasive/ erosive fluids


  • •Size: 1/2” – 36”
  • •Style: Full bore port or reduced bore port
  • •Pressure rating: ASME CL150LB thru 4500LB
  • •End connection: Socket Weld, Butt Weld, RF, RTJ or Threaded
  • •Actuation Options: Electric, Pneumatic or hydraulic

Bidirectional with Preferred Flow Features and Benefits

(1) Directional Flow Isolation Options:

  • • Bidirectional-Preferred flow direction-Standard
  • • Unidirectional-Isolation in one direction
  • • Bidirectional-with redundant seals

(2) Positive mechanical stops prevent over-travel

(3) Operator-T-handle. Lever. Gear or actuated

(4) Easily automated with ISO 5211 standard mounting pads

(5) Self-cleaning ball and seats

(6) Positive positioning feature prevents misalignment during actuation, stem cannot force ball out of correct position

(7) Field repairable with Omni-Lap 360o TM ball and seat assemblies, vacuum seal pretested at the factory

Materials with Options


Mounting Dimensions


3. SPV Steam Power Valve

SPV valves is typically for steam power station applications:

(1) Vents and Drains During Start-up and Shut-down,

(2) An alternative to globe and gate valves giving you a straight thru bore, quarter turn, pressure assisted OMNI-LAP 3600 TM ball valve.

The main installations in steam power plant refers below:

A. Feed water system

  • • Deaerator Vent
  • • Isolation Valves on Bypass Lines
  • • Extraction Steam Drain


  • • Boiler Feed Pump Isolation and Boiler Feed Pump Shell Drain
  • • Control Valve Isolation
  • • Boiler Feed Pump Warm-up Line Drain
  • • Reheat /Superheat Spray Isolation
  • • Drum Blow-down Root Valve/ Isolation Vents
  • • Drum, Boiler, Reheat and Superheat Drain/Vent and Instrument Isolation
  • • Automatic Relief Valve and Automatic Bottom Blow-down
  • • Sight-glass Block/Drain
  • • Tandem and Boiler Blow-down
  • • Reheat and Superheat Spray Blocking and Isolation
  • • LP Section, IP Section and HP Section HRSG Tube Drains

C. HP Turbine Steam Supply & Extraction System

  • • Main Steam Drain
  • • Main Steam before and after Seat Drain
  • • Main Steam Land Drain

D. IP & LP Turbine Steam Supply & Extraction System

  • • Supply Extraction System
  • • Hot Reheat Drain
  • • Hot Reheat at the CRV Drain
  • • IP & LP Turbine Extraction Drain


  • • Bore Size: 1/2” – 1-1/2”
  • • Style: Full bore, Straight Thru
  • • Pressure rating: ASME CL150LB thru 4500LB
  • • End connection: SW-ASME B16.11(Standard) , BW-ASME B16.25, or RFF
  • • Electric or Pneumatic actuation are optional

Features and Benefits

  • • OMNI-LAP 360 TM optimized roundedness and matched ball + Seats assembles ensure 100% valve seal and shut-off
  • • Applications specific coating
  • • Withstands severe thermal shocks
  • • Vacuum tested ball and seat ensures Class VI shut-off before valve assembly
  • • Wave spring maximizes thermal cycling strength for longer life
  • • ISO 5211 Mounting Patterns
  • • 5 Year warranty standard

SPV Flow Capacity Cv


SPV (Steam Power Valve) Materials and Structure:


Pressure Ratings vs. Temperature