LC Series Cage Type Control Valves

LC series control valves features a top-guided single-port and cage type valve trim design. The design is robust and versatile, thus it is able to meet a wide range of services and needs.

LC series control valves contribute a sleeve(Cage type) trim installed in valve seat, and valve plug is moved up and down in the sleeve, resulting a excellent dynamic stability during operation. Three types of valve plugs are available: Auxiliary plug, plug with metallic seal ring plug and plug with resilient seal ring..


Lower resistance for fluids flow through, dynamic stability in structure, LC series pneumatic sleeve control valve have the following advantages.

  • 1) Bigger Cv (Flow through capacity) than straight through single seated control valves.
  • 2) Balanced structure Valve trim, combined with several different actuators allow big pressure drop .
  • 3) The plug is guided and moved in the sleeve can reduce valve vibration&trim abrasion.

  • 5) The sealing face and the throttle area are structured to different point, that greatly reduced fluids scouring, the valve’s working life is improved.
  • 6) Well-adapted, easy changing of different sleeve to satisfy different Cv and flow characteristic requirements
  • 7) Auxiliary plug can make tight shut-off
  • 8) Easy to dismounting, inspection and maintenance
  • 9) The auxiliary plug makes double sealing tightness to ANSI B16.104 Class V,
  • 10) Quick re-assembling structure. The seat, sleeve, plug and bonnet can be easy assembled and disassembled without any special tools. It is easier to maintain the valve on online.
  • 11) For poisonous, harmful, inflammable, explosive or rare medium, bellow sealed bonnet is available. Rating: ANSI 300LB to 600LB.
  • 12) For high differential pressure application, a Low-Noise trim/sleeve (Plug/Cage) and an Anti-Cavitation trim/sleeve (Plug/Cage) is available.




Size and Rating


Note: Values in parentheses is nominal diameter. (Unit: mm)

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